Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Riley Jump (Senior), Editor-in-Chief

Every October, many organizations, schools, and business put on special events to raise awareness and money for Breast Cancer. Here at LHS, one special tradition is a breast cancer, or pink, themed game that sports such as Soccer and Volleyball.

“I think it’s really important that we play a special game in October because it raises awareness about Breast Cancer and recognizes teammates who have family affected by cancer,” said senior Jordan Taylor.

Aside from the events raising awareness this month here at LHS, the Boone County Cancer Society also hosts many fundraisers and events in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“Most of the events that are taking place this month are Breast Cancer Awareness nights at sporting events throughout Boone County. Zionsville girls’ soccer and volleyball, Western Boone volleyball, and Lebanon volleyball and soccer all raised money in awareness of breast cancer. The money from these teams is then matched by the Community Foundation in Boone County. All the money stays here in Boone County and goes towards helping any patient that resides in Boone County and has cancer,” said Joy Kaylor the Executive Director of the Boone County Cancer Society.

For women, 13 % or 1 in 8, are diagnosed with Breast Cancer throughout their life time. In 2020, there was around 276,480 women who fought their battle with cancer. There have been many students and staff who have been affected by Cancer either first hand, or have a family member who have been diagnosed. One of those people is Choir Director, Mrs. Schoeff, who says cancer has dramatically affected how she lives her life.

“One of the ways I was changed as a person was realizing how to appreciate each and every day.  When you’re hit with a diagnoses like cancer, it’s very overwhelming, but learning to appreciate each day that we’re given and make the most of each day is something we can do every day.  I was also beyond overwhelmed at the outpouring of support during my diagnosis and treatment.  I feel that this has made me more aware and compassionate towards others going through similar situations,” said Mrs. Schoeff.

After going through such a traumatic event, having a month to be recognized for what you’ve been through, and help raise awareness for other people can hold a deep meaning. Not only in the month of October does Mrs. Schoeff like to help raise awareness about Breast Cancer, but all year round.

“October has a special meaning now.  I like getting out and supporting “pink” nights with sports teams and remind women through avenues like Facebook to remember their annual mammogram.  Early detection saved my life and I like to encourage others to keep on top of their screenings,” said Schoeff.