What’s Wrong with the Indianapolis Colts


Brayton Bowen (Senior), Editor

The 2021-22 NFL season has been a season to forget for Colts fans. The Colts are currently 1-4 coming off a heartbreak loss this past Monday against the Baltimore Ravens. Many factors such as a tough schedule, injuries, and bad execution have been key reasons why the Colts have not found success.

To start the season, the Colts opened up at home versus two Super Bowl hopefuls, the Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Rams. The Colts did not play up to their full potential in week one against the Seahawks and lost 28-16. Week two was much better, but the Colts still fell just a bit short against the Rams, losing 27-24.

Many Colts fans were quite upset with the frustrating start, including Senior Alex Juarez. Juarez said “The Colts execution at the goal line was the most frustrating thing for me to watch. They have one of the best young running backs in the league, and cannot find ways to score at the goal line.”

The Colts offense and execution in crucial moments are quite frankly the sole reasons why the colts have not been able to keep up with good teams. The colts are only 19 for 51 on third-down conversions, and are 3 for 7 on fourth-down conversions (NFL.com).

Juarez also said, “All the injuries to some of the best players on the whole team make things even harder because you do not have those guys to lean on in big moments.”

TY Hilton, a long time great for the Colts, started this season in IR (Injured Reserve). Other key players such as All-Pro guard Quenton Nelson, first-round pick Kwitty Paye, and tackle Braden Smith have all missed significant time this season.

When asked about his thoughts on how the rest of the season would go for the Colts, Juarez said, “I don’t know what to expect from the Colts anymore, we have seen them make the playoffs recently with a similar roster to what they have now. They are just a few key players away from potentially getting back to the playoff caliber team we know.”