Inside Debard’s Sole


Riley Jump (Senior), Editor-in-Chief


Game day superstitions and traditions are very common for athletes, coaches, and fans. Defensive football coach, Mr. Debard proudly wears his game day shoes each Friday. However, these aren’t just a normal pair, they are a pair that holds a special meaning to Debard.

“I had a coach when I played that I looked up to and he always had a pair of gameday shoes every year. Me and my teammates thought that was so cool. When I got my first coaching job at Lawrence North High School, I got myself a pair of gameday shoes.”

The gold shoes that many students seeing Debard wearing each Friday appear to be just a typical pair of shoes that anyone may purchase, but these shoes were actually given to Debard as a gift by a few senior football players including Jack Reynolds and Zane Larson.

“My first year with the Tigers, kids got a kick out of my gameday shoes. We have a special class of seniors, who I don’t deserve. For some reason they got together, and out of the kindness of their hearts, bought me this special pair.”

With a deeper meaning than just a pair of shoes, Debard was not only excited for the new sneakers, but was touched by his players. He has always had strong relationships with his athletes and students, but never expect them to go this far out of their way to do something this kind for him.

“I tried to hide it from the boys, but I got a little bit emotional. It’s a lot of money and just such a kind thing to do. So, my heart was on fire.”

The story behind the gold, gameday sneakers will always be one that touches Debard, and he will continue to tell future students and players.

“So these are my gameday shoes, and after this year, I will likely retire them with the special senior class who made a pair of shoes emotional to me.”