LHS Homecoming Favorites


Sandybel Paz (Junior), Reporter

Homecoming week this year was September 27th through October 2nd for Lebanon High School (LHS) and here’s what the students loved most about it. Homecoming week is filled with games, dress up days, the football game and of course, the dance.

“My favorite thing about hoco week this year was probably the dress up days. For character day I dressed up as Karen from Mean Girls and my other friends dressed up as Regina, Gretchen, and Cady,” said junior Dilynn Shockley.

Homecoming week starts off with the Trike race, where every LHS student has the chance to buy a trike shirt and wear it to the race on Monday. Dress up day follows, this year dress up days were character day Tuesday, no school Wednesday, monochromatic Thursday and lastly, black and gold Friday.

“I had to be at the game because I’m a football manager but the game was my favorite part of homecoming week” senior Gabe Goff said.

The homecoming game was Friday, October 2nd and LHS played against Crawfordville. This year’s student section theme for homecoming was different for each grade. Senior’s theme was jungle, space for junior, under the sea for sophomores, and tropical desert island for freshman. The themes for each grade correlated with the theme of each grades float, that they showed during the homecoming parade at four-thirty p.m. and again during half time.

“I wasn’t able to go to the dance this year but usually that’s my favorite part because I get ready with my friends and go out to eat afterwards,” said junior Paiten Martin.

Homecoming week ends with the homecoming dance. The homecoming dance is always on a Saturday and this year it started at six-thirty p.m. and lasted till nine-thirty p.m.

“My favorite part about homecoming is when it brings the school together and the football game is always the best,” said junior Emma Bailey.