Trending Games: Clash Royale

Trending Games: Clash Royale

Brayton Bowen (Senior), Editor

Clash Royale is a phone game that is taking over the gaming world. “Clash” as most people call it, was released on March 2, 2016, by developer Supercell. Clash Royale slowly grew in popularity for a few years while another game also developed by Supercell called “Clash of Clans” was still the rave.

The Clash Royale game mechanics itself surround the main idea of defending your three towers. Two towers, one each on the left and right with smaller health points, and a king tower in the middle behind both of your front two towers. Players attack and defend each tower and at the same time try to attack the other player’s towers.

Recently, lots of people, mainly men, play Clash Royale in their spare time. One of those people spending their free time playing Clash Royale was Senior Reese Jones. Jones said, “I feel like I am addicted to playing this game whenever I have nothing to do.”

Many people agree with Jones students can be seen playing Clash Royale in the lunchroom, during homeroom, during passing periods, and more.

Jones also said, “My friends and I are all in a clan together. We donate cards, trade cards, and battle against other clans all the time. I find it to be fun and exciting.”

As Jones referred to in the quote above, players can join clans with their friends, or anyone in the world quite frankly. Once in a clan, you and the members of your clan can participate in battles against other clans. Winning these battles gives the entire clan rewards that can benefit you substantially.

“I think Clash Royale serves multiple purposes for people. It seems to calm my mind but also serves as something I actually enjoy. I think others feel the same way about the game as well.”