Sneakerheads at LHS


Reese McCoy (Senior), Editor

No matter what you buy your shoes for, there’s no ignoring how prominent the sneaker industry has become in the past 20-30 years. With the emergence of “sneaker heads”, a nickname given to people who are involved with this sneaker market, the popularity is growing. 

Even though the higher end of sneakers can reach prices higher than 100,000 dollars, that doesn’t stop younger adults and teens from being a part. In fact, that’s where a vast majority of the market falls, in the range of 15-30 year olds. 

The love for sneakers isn’t exclusive to one market or industry either, many NBA players can be seen sporting their collection in outfits before games. The self proclaimed king of the sneaker game in the NBA is PJ Tucker, who owns a pair of $50,000 Nike Air Mags.

A lot of artists also have started breaking into the sneaker world, the most known is probably Kanye West with his Yeezy brand. Also Travis Scott has made multiple collaborations with Nike Brand and his Cactus Jack brand. Senior Ryan Keith actually owns a pair of the Cactus Jack Air Force 1’s. 

Since majority of the sneaker community is in the younger groups of people, it only makes sense that there would be some collectors at LHS. Now you have to start somewhere, Senior Trevor Winkles and Junior Wyatt Boyett both started their collection with their first pair of air forces.

Now, it’s very difficult to have a large collection of shoes, but for one senior Jack Reynolds, his collection has been rapidly growing throughout his high school career. Starting his collection with a pair of Jordan 11 Breds it now has grown to include a pair of UNC Jordan 4’s, Jubilee 11’s, Court Purple 1’s and the memorable yeezy slides. 

With this many shoes Jack Reynolds has certainly built up quite the reputation as having the best shoes in the school, even teacher/sneakerhead Mr. Debard agrees. Mr. Debard started his love for sneakers back in his high school days. He said he “rocked the K-Swiss with the gum bottoms” or the famous Nike Cortez, like Forrest Gump Wore. 

Now not only boys are interested in collecting and selling shoes, many girls are also big sneaker heads. Lilly Mrozinski, a senior, has just recently added the UNC Jordan 11 low to her collection, where she also holds the famous White Oreo Jordan 4’s.