College and Career Fair

College and Career Fair

Gavin Haines (Junior), Reporter

College and career fair is a way for students and families to meet with universities and learn about what degrees they offer and just other basics about their school. They can also meet with companies if you don’t want to go the college route. This is a great way to expand the field of people involved because not everyone wants to go to college.

“The college and career fair is an awesome experience that I recommend for everyone, it helps people get a better understanding of what their future might look like.” Said Mr. Walker.

A lot of Indiana schools will be at the fair including schools like Indiana, Purdue, Butler, etc. Talking with college recruiting advisors and companies can help students that are struggling to find what they want to do later in life. You may be introduced to something you never had thought of that could completely change your pathway.

“The college and career fair is a great opportunity, I highly encourage everyone to stop by if they can, there are opportunities there for every pathway. You might find a new passion that you never knew about.” Said Ms. Decker

The college and career fair will be on Monday, October 18th at Lebanon High School in the Herman B. Wells Community rooms.  The event will be open for students and families from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

“it’s never too early to figure out your path in life, even the freshman should at least go and check it out at the least. I recommend it and hope to see a lot of students there.” Said Mr. Reynolds