Wait, They Look Familiar


Lindsey Mount (Senior), Reporter

Cheering at Stuckey Farms was a big event for the cheerleaders did on Friday October 1, 2021. The Cheerleaders were asked by WTHR to be shown cheering at Stucky Farms for the news station.

“We went inside the building, then went over the cheers and the school fight song, finished warming up, and there were parents and family members spectating behind the camera taking pictures and videoing us,” said senior Kailyn Spanhook.

“It was very tiring to be there so early; I felt famous, but not,” mentioned junior Katie Smith.

“It was exciting and I was happy we got to do it my senior year,” mentioned Spanhook, “It was exciting to be on television and being able to see the cheer program go back to more of how it used to be.”

“My favorite part was during the interview and Mya froze,” mentioned Smith.

Later that night, the cheerleaders cheered at the Homecoming football game, where each senior cheerleader got the chance to fly.