I Can’t Believe That Happened


Lindsey Mount (Senior), Reporter

Everyone has that one embarrassing story. Here are some that people wanted to share!

One embarrassing story is when senior Sofia Argotte was on a cruise ship with her family. Argotte had fallen down the stairs and dropped her phone. To make matters worse, Argotte’s phone had fallen into a cake.

Another embarrassing story is when Grace Medici was driving one night. As she was driving a deer had run into the street right into Medici’s car. Medici’s car was damaged and she couldn’t call her mom or 911 because her phones audio was broken.

Since her phones audio was broken from something previous to the accident. “It was kind of funny because all I could do was text my mom that I was in an accident and tell her I was alright,” said Medici. “The deer pooped on my car because of how hard it hit my car,” mentioned Medici.

An embarrassing story from science teacher Ms. Hill is how she trips in the halls before school starts. She mentioned how she trips more in certain shoes.

“I guess I just trip over the lines in the floor,” said Hill.

Mrs. Kaz has an embarrassing story as a teacher. Something Kaz finds embarrassing is when she can’t pronounce students’ names.

“I had this one girl as my student her junior year and I couldn’t pronounce her name so I avoided it,” said Kaz.