School Traditions: The Impact


Emaley Hughes (Senior), Reporter

Traditions, past and present, hold together a large part of our school and community. At LHS there are a number of different traditions held throughout the year, some unique to just our school. The word tradition can hold many meanings to everyone in our school.

“I think traditions just build off of our community and I think it’s important to have traditions, especially important for schools to have tradition, it shows that there is a fun rite of passage through your time at school. Traditions to me just mean appreciating the past and appreciating the people that you know that forged the trail before you and looking forward to being a part of that for the next generation,” said principal Kevin O’Rourke.

When people think of tradition at LHS, they think of senior dinner parties, post prom, the trike race, the last walk, and much more. Principal O’Rourke, has a big interest in the painting of the parking spots.

“I have grown to really appreciate the painting of the parking spots, that has been going on now for a little over 15 years, but I just love it because it’s the start of school and everybody is excited about the new beginnings, it’s a family type environment, you see a lot of kids, parent, community members, walking through and looking at all the different spots. I think it just represents our school in a positive way and it gives our students a great opportunity to start their school year in a positive way,” said Principal O’Rourke.

Other than the painting of the parking spots, at the beginning of the school year, we have traditions such as school welcome night, which FFA often provides a meal for.

“I really enjoyed back to school night because once again, you get a great chance to see everybody,” said Principal O’Rourke.

Some may worry that traditions at our school are deteriorating, but Principal O’Rourke does not agree.

“Maybe some of the small stuff, like the volleyball game during homecoming week other than that I don’t really have any traditions that I’m too worried about,” said Principal O’Rourke.

“At the end of the day, traditions stay alive by how students are involved in them and the school progresses in a direction that is reflective of our students. If you want school to be fun and enjoyable, then you have to handle your responsibilities. I would really like to see traditions of being respectful, there doesn’t have to be an event to appreciate tradition. There is tradition in having chivalry and good manners,” said Principal O’Rourke.