Get to Know Justin Schrock

Get to Know Justin Schrock

Justin Schrock is a 2001 graduate from Lebanon High School. Schrock is now a disability rights attorney, one of his big cases right now being Nicholas Clouse’s case, a case very similar to the popular Brittney Spears case.

“When I graduated from Ball State, I was kind of thinking about law school, but really didn’t have any immediate plans to do it,” said Schrock.

Hinson went to college at Ball State, then went to law school after. For law school Schrock went to, what used to be called, Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis, but is now called IU McKinney School of Law.

“When someone is under a guardianship, quite literally all of their civil rights are removed by the court, and given to someone else. So, his parents could have theoretically tried to seek to end his marriage. They could have made him come move back home and prevented him from working,” said Schrock when we asked him about the Clouse case.

Nicholas Clouse suffered a severe brain injury which caused his parents to want legal guardianship over him. For that reason, Clouse filed a petition against his parents around a year and a half ago.

“But out of all my clients that I’ve had, Nick was probably the most obvious one to me, who didn’t need a guardian. But it still took all that time and work to get him out of the guardianship,” said Schrock.

Clouse waited until after Christmas to file the petition, so he would have one more holiday period to enjoy with his family without the potential stress. The petition was filed mid-January and his guardianship was officially terminated on August 24th.

“I guess what I would just say is that, if there’s something that you really want to do career wise, even if it may not seem all that realistic. You know if you really want to do it, you usually can find a way to make it happen,” said Schrock.