Halloween Family Traditions


Wyatt Boyett (Junior), Reporter

Halloween is the spookiest holiday around, that has a lot of meaning for several families. Families partake in so many different traditions year-round but for Halloween no joke for some.

Some families may just pass out candy and some families may decorate their house but either way it fun for all, but a lot of different people are doing so many different things during Halloween.

For Mrs. Coddington her family tradition that she used to partake in every single year, but has stopped recently since Matthew has since graduated, was to make her own handmade costumes. She made handmade costumes every year, a really special task to accomplish, especially when a lot of families just usually go to party city or Walmart. Mrs. Coddington also used to go to their grandparent’s neighborhood and trick or treat there since they handed out FULL SIZED candy bars.

Which leads me to talk about how Aiden Frost and the rest of the Frost family loves to walk around in a big group as a family enjoying the holiday and trick or treating with the whole crew. Aiden no longer dresses up but a lot of his younger brother do, so he enjoys just being with them exploring Lebanon on October 31st.

Some traditions that are around Lebanon that you could start are; going to dulls tree farm and enjoying their frozen apple cider, pumpkin doughnuts, or amazing pulled pork; or decorating your house, whether it is putting up a couple of decorations or go all out like Gabe Arnold who decorates his entire house with his dad and also is dressing up every year to go out trick or treating. Last year he was a crusader, basically a Christian solider who fought for the retaking of Jerusalem.

Kenny Getch and Reese McCoy plan to dress up together like the two main characters from the movie, Dumb and Dumber.

Some people take their own route this Halloween like, Reece Guyman who is going to egg a couple of his friend’s houses. But he also takes a regular tradition route of carving pumpkins and watching scary movies.

“I hope everyone has an amazing and scary Halloween!” said Mr. Gaha.

“Everyone stay safe this Halloween,” said Mr. Jorris.

“Try not to have any nightmares!” said Mr. Hudspeth.