The Importance in Paying Attention


Sofia Argotte (Senior), Reporter


Over the past three years, 43 children were killed and 175 have been injured in different states by driver’s passing and not stopping for the obvious bus arm.

“Numbers are going down, but not by much,” said Officer Richey.

Distracted driving and hurrying are the most common reasonings for these actions. Most people say, “what bus?” or “I didn’t see the bus”, initiating the need for a solution.

“Most people say that they never saw a bus arm sticking out or the bus that they just passed,” said Officer Smith.

Within the Lebanon Community School Corporation, the most common places for violators of the stop-arm law are Indianapolis Ave., Darrell Terrace, Stokes Elementary and Walker Farms in Whitestown. There have been two deaths in Indy already within the past month.

“I mainly patrol three specific stops on Indianapolis Avenue and Darrell Terrace since those are the most common spots for this violation,” said Officer Smith.

Lebanon Police Officers patrol if they have the chance and immediately hand out tickets anytime they see someone run a bus stop arm. SRO John Voorhis watches and reviews all the school bus cameras and writes any citations and tickets from those.

“Tickets don’t even seem to be working much, I’ve given out 33,” said Officer Smith.

August has seen to have the least ticket numbers and violations. This August, Officer Smith gave out three and last August he gave out zero.

“I think campaigns tend to slow it down,” said Officer Smith.

Officer Smith has brought up the idea of adding strobe headlights to all school buses in LCSC. As of now, about only three or four Lebanon buses have them. An article from a New Jersey newspaper showed that these strobe headlights cut their cases in half.


“Personally, I think it could help a little more and at least make more people aware of the bus and the stop arm,” said Officer Smith.

Lebanon School Resource Officer’s biggest priority is to make sure all kids get home safely. They take kids home sometimes as well if needed. School buses are supposed to be a safe and reliable way to transport kids, with distracted drivers, this is impossible.

“Making sure all students are safe and have a safe way to get home is always my biggest priority,” said Officer Richey.