Turkey Day Traditions


Emma Bailey (Junior), Reporter

At Lebanon High School, some of the students and staff members have very unique Thanksgiving Day traditions. Including what food is made for the day, where people go to eat, and what happens the morning before.

Sophomore, Nathaniel Moore and his family go to his grandma’s house to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving Day meal. He spends the holiday with his uncles, aunts, sisters, and grandpa.

“My family always brings mashed potatoes, corn, and the turkey,” Nathaniel Moore said.

Junior Dina Malagon, has Thanksgiving at her house with her cousins. Her family doesn’t usually go anywhere but they always make delicious food.

“We always make Pambazos, Atole (which is a Mexican drink that’s super sweet) and we’ll have chicken, mashed potatoes and usually fruit,” said Malagon.

Caden Sunsdahl is a new junior who always goes on a 5K run the morning of Thanksgiving before he eats the big Thanksgiving feast. For the past four years his mom, cousin and brother have all done this with him. “After the run I always go to my cousins house, we always bring pumpkin pie with us,” said Caden.

Laney Rusk is a junior and she has Thanksgiving at her house. “We just stay home for Thanksgiving because none of my family live in Indiana. My mom and step dad make the food, my siblings and I just eat it all. We never eat noodles on Thanksgiving though,” she said.

Mr. DeBard teaches history here at LHS. He spends Thanksgiving with his family and goes to his grandma’s house. “During Thanksgiving we always eat homemade Italian bread, the recipe is a secret. You have to be married into the family for five years before you can get the recipe. We usually watch football and end up falling asleep. One year we tried to actually play football. It ended up being a trip to the hospital because my dad broke his ribs,” said DeBard.