NFL Thanksgiving Games 2021


Brayton Bowen (Senior), Editor

The tradition of Thanksgiving Football is something that is huge in many families. Families gather on Thanksgiving Day to enjoy some great food, while watching three NFL games that span the entire day.

The “founding team” of Thanksgiving Football is the Detroit Lions. They were the first team to come up with the idea of playing on Thanksgiving Day back in 1934.

One person at LHS that watches all of the Thanksgiving games is Senior Brayden Crum. Crum said, “I have always wondered why the Lions are always the team I see playing on Thanksgiving, but football is a big part of Detroit.”

The Lions will be facing off against the Chicago Bears in the first of the three games on Thanksgiving. Followed by the Dallas Cowboys hosting the Las Vegas Raiders, and the nightcap or “primetime” game is between the New Orleans Saints and the Buffalo Bills.

Crum said, “My picks to win the three Thanksgiving games are the Bears, Cowboys, and Bills.”

The Lions are heading into their Thanksgiving matchup winless, therefore it is tough to see them as a favorite even as the home team. The other two games are inter-conference games, so you could really go either way with both games because they do not have many common or divisional opponents to compare the teams.

The game that seems to have the most build up around it is the primetime game between the Bills and Saints. Both teams have winning records and high playoff hopes. Crum Said, “With the Saints’ Quarterback getting injured and being out for the season, I chose the Bills to win this one.”