Kicking Off the Holidays with The Madrigals


Riley Jump (Senior), Editor-in-Chief

The LHS music department has many different choirs and performance groups. The Madrigals is a mixed a capella group that specializes in holiday music. This special choir is only open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Although they do spend time practicing in the mornings in the early first semester, the majority of their season takes place during December.

All around the community, the Madrigals can be seen performing and participating in many different events. Whether it’s at schools, community events, or even in the halls of the high school in the morning, they always have a collection of a capella songs to sing for a crowd.

“We sing at a lot of churches throughout the holiday time. We also go to the nursing homes, many community events in town that ask for us, and the tree lighting on the square. During the school day of the December 17th, we also sing at the elementary schools in Lebanon and the court house,” said senior Ryan Shepard.

The Madrigals are always busy during the time of holidays. However, they do many other things than just music performance. They have become a strong choir and a family as well. With the help of Mrs. Gwen Schoeff, the singers have been able to create many memories.

“My sophomore year on the last day before winter break, we went to all the elementary schools and then ended the day at the court house singing in the Rotunda. It sounded really pretty because the acoustics in there are really cool,” said senior Addison Cupka.

Music has been a big part of many of these performer’s lives. From singing in elementary school music class all the way to the most prestigious choir in LHS, many of these members looked forward to joining this group for many years.

“When I was in elementary school, the Madrigals would come to school to sing to us. The first time I got to go as a Madrigal myself, it was surreal. It is by far my favorite thing I have ever been involved in throughout my high school career,” said senior Brynn Hensley.