He Knows You, Get to Know Mr. Ferrell


Cami Deakins (Senior), Editor

Lebanon High School is full of involved students, staff, and teachers but how well do we know each other? Social studies teacher and basketball coach, Mr. Ferrell makes it a goal to get to know the students and be that person they can rely on for support.

“I fell in love with teaching not just for the job, but the relationships I have been able to form with students. If I had a student in my class and by the end of the year they don’t feel like they can come to me for whatever it is, I feel like I have failed to do my job,” said Ferrell.

Mr. Ferrell didn’t originally want to be a teacher and in fact wanted to be a graphic designer. He attended DePauw University, majoring in communications and minoring in art. He was interested in playing either basketball or baseball at the collegiate level, but soon found college sports operated more like a business instead of something you do for fun.

“I didn’t want to play a sport that felt more like something I had to do instead of something I wanted to do, so I graduated from DePauw and took up a coaching position at Hamilton Heights, my very first one. However, to be a coach I also had to teach and that was when I fell in love with it,” said Ferrell.

After Hamilton Heights, Mr. Ferrell moved on to teach at Pike and then teach and coach at Zionsville. He eventually moved back to his alma mater, took up a teaching position in the social studies department and a girls’ basketball coach, and was able to be closer to home to help his parents.

“I would say my family is what keeps me going. I am inspired by my older sister Theresa, who has down syndrome because of how I’ve been able to look at the world through her eyes and how close we are. She knows no strangers and is the kindest person you will ever meet. I like to say we grew up as twins,” said Ferrell.

Mr. Ferrell has been able to have both of his sons as students through his years of teaching, which he says his position as a dad helps him come across as a dad-figure to his other students.

“Having two sons has really helped me connect with all of my other students. I like to say I’m young at heart and it’s this job that keeps me that way. My students are all so different, that I get to learn to teach a variety of minds and it keeps the job interesting. I love teaching because I feel like I can give something back to the students and not just in the classroom but a support system they can rely on. I have always wanted to find a job where it doesn’t feel like work and I have found it here,” said Mr. Ferrell.