Clara McQueen (Senior), Editor

It’s officially the last semester of high school for the seniors. A chapter of life is ending and a new one is about to begin. All of the hard work from these past four years will finally pay off when walking across that stage in May.

Some seniors are eager for the year to end, while others want it to last forever.

“I have mixed feelings about it because I am ready for school to end due to the workload, but at the same time I want it to last longer since it’s my last year,” said senior Will Swartz

Leaving high school is tough for most due to all of the great memories, friendships, and teachers that are going to be left behind.

“I wish the school year would last longer minus the schoolwork part because I feel like we have been cheated out of a lot of fun things this year,” said senior Kayleigh Barnard

This year has been very difficult due to constant cancellations of events and mask mandates. Life still isn’t back to the way it was before covid, and this is a hinder for seniors that are trying to enjoy certain activities for their last year.

“I’m excited to start my future and go to college, but I am very sad for this year to end because I don’t want to leave all of my childhood friends,” said senior Kennedy Zellers

Feeling sad about leaving is normal, as it shows how this time in one’s life has been significant and meaningful.

“I am excited to get my diploma, but I am sad to lose all of my friends from school since I won’t see most of them again,” said senior Brayden Owens.

Highschool is a time that will never be forgotten, enjoy it while it lasts.