Colt’s Playoff Blunder

Colts Playoff Blunder

Gavin Haines (Junior), Reporter

The Indianapolis Colts were full speed ahead heading into week 16 of the season. The Colts had a 98% chance to make the playoffs and all they had to do was beat an average Raiders team and a very poor Jaguars team.

“I’ve loved watching the Colts this year, Johnathon Taylor has been tearing it up and made it fun to watch,” said Junior Korbyn Sloggett.

Carson Wentz and the Colts took on Derek Carr and the Raiders. The Colts came out slow and the Raiders took advantage. Carr threw for 255 yards and one touchdown. Carr also threw two interceptions. Josh Jacobs rushed for 63 yards on 16 carries and one touchdown. Zay Jones torched the Colts through the air with eight receptions and 120 yards.

“It was a very disappointing loss to say the least. I felt it would’ve been a guaranteed win against the Raiders,” said Junior Kayden Sloggett.

The Colts made it close but ultimately came up short losing 23-20. The Colts put themselves in a spot forcing them to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars to make it to the playoffs. This may seem like an easy task, but the Colts have not beaten the Jaguars in Jacksonville since 2014.

“After the Raiders loss I was still feeling confident that we could beat the Jaguars considering they are one of the worst teams in the NFL,” said Junior Michael Strode.

Once again, the Colts came out slow on both sides of the ball. The defense gave up a touchdown on the first drive letting Jacksonville go up 7-0. It was all Jacksonville from there. Trevor Lawrence played his best game of the year, throwing for 223 yards and two touchdowns. Marvin Jones had eight receptions with 88 yards and one touchdown. The Colts didn’t score a touchdown until the fourth quarter. The Jags won by a score of 26-11, knocking the colts out of the playoffs.

“One of the most disappointing losses I’ve seen from the Colts in a while, absolutely embarrassing from the Colts,” said Junior Cannon Morton.