NBA All-Star Voting

NBA All-Star Voting

Jacob Susong (Junior), Reporter

This year’s NBA season has been interesting to say the least.  There are quite a few new faces around the league playing well.  Overall, though, many of the players in the all-star conversation have been there before.


“I know that Lebron is pretty high up on the list, he always is.” Said Junior Aiden Frost.  “He has been having a pretty good season for Lebron standards.”


Lebron has played in 17 consecutive all-star games throughout his career, and there aren’t any signs that this streak is going to come to an end.  He is averaging just under 29 points a game with seven rebounds and six-and-a-half assists. With these stats, it would be hard to argue that Lebron isn’t in the running for league MVP.


Another veteran guy who is expected to make it to the all-star game is Kevin Durant.  Durant is averaging just under 30 points a game this season with the Brooklyn Nets.  He is one of the top vote getters for this season.


“Kevin Durant is playing out of his mind right now.  He’s averaging nearly 30 points a game.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he won MVP.” Said Junior Cayman Huntsman.


Another guy who has seen the all-star game before is Steph Curry.  He is averaging over 25 points this season with six assists and five rebounds.  Curry broke the all-time NBA three-point make record this season of 2,973.


“Curry is the greatest three-point shooter of all time.  Him breaking Ray Allen’s record this year was super cool to watch.  Everyone knew that it was going to happen eventually with how he shoots.” Said senior Alex Juarez.


As far as new faces go, LaMelo Ball is having an outstanding season, and is projected to make the all-star game.  He is averaging just under 20 points a game with seven boards and seven assists.  If he were to make the ASG, it would be his first appearance.


“LaMelo has really surprised me this season.  Being a rookie and all, I figured that he would have major struggles.  He is playing great basketball at the moment.” Said senior Michael Richwine.  “I don’t see a way where he misses the all-star game this year in Cleveland.”