Colts Quarterback Situation


Jacob Susong (Junior), Reporter

The Indianapolis Colts had an underwhelming season to say the least.  Starting the season off 1-4, things were looking bleak from the very beginning.  However, towards the middle portion of the 18-week long season, the Colts hit their stride.  By Week 15, the Colts had a record of 9-6 and a 98% chance to make the playoffs.  The Colts had been turning heads around the league.


Week 17 came with a matchup against the struggling Raiders.  This was a win-and-you’re-in scenario for the Colts.  Unfortunately, the Colts had a hiccup and fell just short, losing 23-20.  Not many people were too worried after this loss. All the Colts had to do was beat the 2-14 Jaguars in Week 18.  Easy enough, right?


“I really had no worries going into the Jaguars game.  I figured that the team would be ready to go” said senior Michael Richwine.  “They really had everything to play for, and the Jags had nothing to play for, so I figured that we would steamroll them.”


This however was not the case.  The Colts would end up losing the game 26-11.  That was it, season over.  Such a promising season had come to an abrupt, bitter end.


“I was so disappointed after that game.  I couldn’t comprehend how in the world we lost to such a garbage team, with everything to play for.” said freshman Joe Susong.


With the 2021 season being such a disappointment, owner of the Colts Jim Irsay stated that “changes need to be made, and they will be made.”


Many people around the media have been speculating about Irsay’s comments.  The general census around the league is that the main source of “change” Irsay is talking about stems from the performance of Colts quarterback Carson Wentz.  His first year with the team didn’t go quite as planned.


Wentz threw for 3,563 yards in 2021, with 27 touchdowns and 7 interceptions.  At first glance, this stat line might not seem too alarming, although 3,563 is a relatively low passing mark.  So why is there so much speculation about replacing Wentz?


“I just feel like he threw some very untimely interceptions.  He also never performed when it truly mattered most.  I think that a replacement is needed in order for the Colts to go where they want to go in the future.” said junior Aiden Frost.


So, if the Colts were to get rid of Wentz, who would they replace him with?  There are a couple of options that the Colts could look at.


One of the quarterbacks that the Colts could possibly go after is current Raiders QB Derek Carr.  Carr threw for 4804 yards, with 23 touchdowns and 14 picks.  Many analysts around the league believe that this is the most realistic replacement for the Colts at this time.


“I think that Carr would be a nice upgrade.  I seriously think that if the Colts can trade for him, they would be serious Superbowl contenders.” said Senior Alex Juarez.


Another option, although unlikely, would-be Russell Wilson.  Before you dismiss Wilson as an option, there are a few reasons why him joining the Colts could be more likely than you expect.  His current team, the Seattle Seahawks, are on the brink of a rebuild.  This season, they went

7-10, and finished last in the NFC West.  With this rebuild on the horizon, they could possibly want to ship out some key players.  Although it would take a healthy return from the Colts, it might be worth it if the Colts are trying to win in the near future.


“Realistically I don’t think we have a shot at him.  Unless something crazy happens, I don’t see him coming to Indy.” said Frost.


Kirk Cousins and Jameis Winston could also be possible targets for the Colts this offseason. Cousins is a seasoned veteran who has proven that he can win with a sub-par team.  Winston is coming off of a torn ACL in 2021, but prior to his injury was playing well.


“I don’t know exactly which route the Colts will go at quarterback, I just want to see some changes made.  We have a team that can easily be contenders, we just need the right guy to lead us.” Said Frost.