Favorite Franchises at LHS


Sandybel Paz (Junior), Reporter

It is safe to say there are over hundreds of book and movie franchises to this day. You can find many book franchises in our school library. In this article you can read about how Lebanon High School students feel book and movie franchises and learn about the worst and best franchises.

“I love movie and book franchises because they just keep going and going,” junior Alathea Wilson said.

According to Fandango, one of the longest running franchise is The Marvel Cinematic Universe with a total of twenty-seven films and a number of comic books. Making The Marvel Cinematic Universe not only on of the longest running franchise but one of the most popular.

“My favorite franchise is probably Lord of the Rings,” junior Evan Whipkey said.

The top five most popular movie franchises according to Chicago Tribune besides The Marvel Cinematic Universe consist of (not in order); Harry Potter with eight movies, Star Wars with twelve movies, James Bondwith twenty-five movies, and Batman with a total of seven movies.

The top five most popular book franchises according to world atlas consist of; Harry Potter with a total of seven books, Goosebumps with a total of sixty-two books, Perry Mason with eighty-two books and four short stories, Berenstain Bears with over three-hundred books, and Sweet Valley High with a total of four-hundred books.

“They can over stay there welcome sometimes,” junior Evan Whipkey said, when we asked him how he felt about books and franchises.

According to rotten tomatoes, here are top three of the worst movie franchises. Starting with Police Academywith eight total films, followed by Alvin and The Chipmunks with four films (not counting the cartoons) and lastly Death Wish with six films.

Greys Anatomy is over hyped. All it is, is people working at a hospital saving people and there all in love,” said junior Alathea Wilson. Which Grey’s Anatomy is not either, but a series instead with eighteen seasons going on nineteen.