What’s Going on in The Weight Room

Whats Going on in The Weight Room

Riley Jump (Senior), Editor-In-Chief

Health and fitness are crucial parts in the performance of athletes. Through access to weight classes, many student athletes have felt as though the opportunity to take a weights or CrossFit class during the school day has improved their performance by a mile.

“Taking advanced weights has helped me in sports because I am able to learn new ways to become faster and stronger while also being able to lift during and after school,” said senior Trevor Winkles.

Not only do these classes give students the chance to learn about exercise, perfect their techniques, and improve speed, but also have provided many memories and friends who they feel as though they can relate to.

“My favorite part about taking a weights class is being able to get stronger and faster so that I can perform better during my sport and learning while interacting with everyone,” said junior Grayson Rubi.

Aside from weights classes, a very challenging class is CrossFit. With a combination of cardio and weightlifting, students have the opportunity to push themselves in order to improve their overall health and strength.

“I’ve always considered myself really active and fit through doing sports or working out on my own, but CrossFit has challenged me because it focuses heavily on muscle endurance. CrossFit has pushed me both physically and mentally,” said Irene Ransom.

Coach Rodgers and Coach Wright lead these programs. They work to improve the health of the students while also having fun. When scheduling for the following year, many people feel intimidated by taking these classes, but they are a very beneficial for those who have an interest.

“I think it’s important to take a weights or fitness class here at the school in order to better yourself. We work to give the students the opportunity and strength to advance themselves as a person and athlete. My goal is for students to learn more about themselves and push past their own limits,” said Coach Rodgers.