2025 Referenda


Emma Bailey (Junior), Reporter

The Lebanon Community School Corporation is always trying to find new ways to improve the schools and the student’s learning environment. The last referenda was when they built the upstairs of the High School in 2012. The school board is now trying to expanding the schools and improve the student’s academic setting by presenting a new 2025 referenda.

“I was a freshman when they added the upstairs to the High School, it was amazing to see the school expanding. I can’t even imagine what this new referenda will bring to the school.” Said, LHS alumni Cory Smith

The new referenda would affect the Elementary, Middle, and High schools for the better. It would focus on the safety, security, and technology improvements for each school. Also, the grant for the funding of resource officers is coming to a close, so this referenda would increase the funding and amount of resource officers. These updates would not start to be made until the year 2025.

“I think it’s a great idea to add more money for the resources officers, I definitely think we need to keep them in the school. Resource officers aren’t just for the student’s safety, but also the staff’s.” Said junior Jordan Yoder.

For the elementary schools they are planning on updating Stokes and Harney schools, increase Perry-Worth student capacity, and build a new Elementary school building. For the Middle and High school, they would make learning environment updates and safety updates. This would include infrastructure improvements and preventative maintenance. For other supporting services they are planning on adding a new transportation center and also a new maintenance center.

“I just moved to Lebanon High school this past year and it’s a more connected community than what I’m used to. I think the Lebanon School Cooperation is great now but I can’t wait to what’s to come.” Said junior Caden Sunsdahl.