The Unsung Heroes of The Team


Brayton Bowen (Senior), Sports Editor

The majority of teams that anyone has ever been on typically looks at the best players and the players that come up in big moments for their teams as the heroes of the team. But, team managers are the real heroes for their everyday commitment and work that they supply for teams that they never get to play on.

Two of the sports managers at LHS are Senior Alex Juarez with football and Junior Beau Burgin with boys basketball. “I absolutely loved spending three hours of my time every single day setting up practice and filming whatever coach Smock asked me to film.” said Juarez.

Almost everything that the managers do for their team goes unnoticed. These guys do whatever is asked of them and do their very best to be a part of the team.

“I love what I do. Watching practice and traveling with the squad to every game is exactly what I want to do. Every season feels like a different journey and I am blessed to go on this journey with these guys every year. Every team I have managed feels different and I love that about my job.” said Burgin.

Managers may not get the recognition all the time with the hype of practices and games going on throughout the week, but the appreciation and respect that they get from the players is certainly there. Managers quite frankly put in just as much effort into their work for their team as the players do without physically being able to contribute.

“I honestly felt like I was a player on the team. Even though I never put pads on or stepped on the field in my four years of managing, I was not treated poorly or treated like anything else than a player and as someone who everyone respects.” said Juarez.