Gotholas Cage


Reese McCoy (Senior), Editor

Gotholas Cage

Nicolas Cage is playing Dracula in the new Universal movie “Renfield” which is in very early stages of production, so other than Nicolas Cage’s take on getting into character there really isn’t a lot of information on the movie. 

Cage has played a role as a vampire before in his career in 1988’s “Vampire’s Kiss”, however in that he played a man who has convinced himself that he was a vampire. If you’ve ever seen the picture of Cage making that one weird face, that’s really the only thing the movie is memorable for. 

For “Renfield” however, Cage seems to be very invested in the character and how he wants to portray Dracula, “The key, I think, is movement” Cage said in a recent interview with Variety about “Renfield” . “I saw a movie called ‘Malignant’ and the director James Wan and the actress [Annabelle Wallis] created this choreography that was terrifying.” 

Although not directly, this could be seen as a form of method acting. While not the traditional route of adopting the M.O. of the character being played in their everyday life, Cage seems to be taking this a step further, he claims he already lives a gothic lifestyle so he’s more just adapting elements from others’ characters into his own. 

Even before landing the role of Dracula, Nicolas Cage had already owned a crow as his pet, who he says “has taken to calling me names…it’s comical, at least, it is to me.” This is reminiscent of one of the most famously goth people in history, Edgar Allan Poe, who is very closely associated to crows or more specifically ravens, going along with his 1845 work titled “The Raven.”