Favorite Winter Activities

Favorite Winter Activities

Jacob Susong (Junior), Reporter

Winter in Indiana brings a lot of challenges with it.  Freezing temperatures, ice, snow, sleet, rain, hail, you name it.  The harsh weather can cause problems for people trying to commute from place to place.  There are however some unique activities that the winter presents.


“I love when it snows a ton.  Playing in the snow is one of my favorite things to do.  I usually get with my friends and we make igloos and forts.” Said freshman Dax Frost.


Building igloos, snowmen, snowball fights, and ice skating are prime examples of outdoor activities during the harsh Indiana winters.  These activities however require freezing temperatures and snow.  When there is no snowfall during the winter, there are other things that people like to do.


“When there isn’t any snow, and it’s not too terribly cold, I go outside.  I try to get outside as much as I can in the winter since there aren’t too many good opportunities with the cold.” Said junior Michael Strode.


The winter chill in Indiana can be a nuisance to some people.


“I just hate driving in the winter, especially when it is icy.  My car isn’t the best in these conditions which makes it really hard to go places when the weather is like this.” Said junior Cannon Morton.


There are also indoor activities that people do during the winter. Playing video games, watching Netflix, and baking were among some of the most common activities.


“I usually play video games when it is really cold outside.  I hate the cold and I’d rather just stay inside in the warmth of my house.” Said junior Cayman Huntsman.


“Netflix has always been my go-to.  Whenever it’s cold outside I just grab a blanket and watch Netflix.” Said junior Chloe Maciel.