Tick, Tick Boom


Sandybel Paz (Junior), Reporter

Tick, Tick Boom, a film featuring Andrew Garfield and Venessa Hudgens. Tick, Tick Boom is an autobiographical musical by playwright Jonathan Larson. According to Wikipedia, it’s a story on an aspiring composer named Jon, who lived in New York City in 1980. Jon is afraid he might’ve made the wrong career choice to be part of the performing arts.

Real life, Jonathan David Larson was born in White Plains, New York on February 4, 1960. He was an American Composer, lyricist and playwright. Larson explored many social issues such as addiction and homophobia in his work.

“I think Andrew did amazing in this film, I honestly couldn’t image someone else playing Larson,” said junior Simone Acheson.

On an interview with Netflix queue Garfield said he had a year and a half at least to get ready, He had to get his dancing and voice to a certain place. Garfield said he had to create a deep, inside relationship with Jonathan.

When asked by Netflix queue if Garfield had any memorable scene, he said every single scene lives in his heart in such a big way and that everyone had its own big challenge. Garfield had also said he enjoys and loves when he takes deep full and meaningful roles.

Garfield has played many impactful and popular roles in movies such as; The Amazing Spider-Man movies, Mainstream, The Social Network, Under the Silver Lake and more.

“He’s a great actor and I don’t think there is one movie of his that I didn’t, enjoy,” said junior Simone Acheson.