Lebanon Weather Unpredictable

Lebanon Weather Unpredictable

Emma Bailey (Junior), Reporter

2022 is a crazy year already, one of the major things is the weather. Indiana weather can be very unpredictable, one day it’ll be in the 50s and then the next it’ll be snowing. That’s exactly what happened through February 2nd until currently.

“On Tuesday when I walked out of school, I thought it would be really cold because there was supposed to be a blizzard but it was like 50 degrees out,” said junior Jordan Yoder.

On Wednesday the 2nd, it was raining throughout the night and then at mid-day the temperature started dropping causing all the rain to freeze and sheets of ice started to form. From then on out, snow was coming down at a rapid pace throughout the entire night. After the whole thing was over, Lebanon got roughly 10 inches of snow.

“The amount of snow wasn’t awful; I used to live New Hampshire for a while so I’m used to it being a lot worse,” said freshman Jocelyn Butler

Students at LHS have many different opinions on why the weather change was so drastic. Ethan Deweese just thinks these changes are because, “Indiana’s weather is weird and bipolar.” Other students believe it’s because of climate change.

According to NASA climate change is, “A gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants.”

Overall, the snow wasn’t terrible on our community. There were some negative effects such as some people’s pipes froze, cars got stuck in driveways, and food at local grocery stores were gone. But also, positive ones, kids got out in the community to build snowmen and play in the snow.

“On Thursday I walked with my friend to the gas station. Overall, it was a pretty good experience but it was pretty chilly outside, I got snow in my boots and the bug juice was disgusting,” said junior Dilynn Shockley