Battle of the BBQ


Maddy Summers (Junior), Reporter

Cancer is something that everyone is affected by, and not a lot of people are educated on. Here in our community, we have The Boone County Cancer Society; run and operated by two full time staff members, Erin Huse and Joy Kaylor. They are devoted to helping every cancer patient possible, regardless of their financial situation, as well as spreading awareness on the impacts and preventions.

“The most important part of the Boone County Cancer Society is that we serve our mission of helping everybody that we can that is burdened with cancer. Whatever we can do for them, then we are going to do,” said Erin Huse.

The BCCS provides financial aid, support, services, and anything else that will help the patients have an easier treatment. Every applicant is given $1,500 to be used towards supplies, doctor bills, prescriptions, transportation, and anything else they need.

“We want to make sure that cancer patients in Boone County are getting the best care possible and being taken care of in every way,” said Huse.

The BCCS also holds an annual fundraiser which is their biggest of the year; the Battle of the BBQ. In 2021 they raised over $80,000, that goes directly to helping Boone County Cancer Society patients. The BBQ is located at the Lebanon Memorial Park where around thirty teams compete against each other. It is an all-day event, and opens to the public 5-7 p.m.

“That is when the public can try all the BBQ and vote on which one they like the best. There are multiple categories that they can compete for. There is the BBQ of course, but so many other goodies that you can get at the event. All while there is live music and just an amazing atmosphere,” said Huse.

Prevention of cancer is possible, and one of the main messages the BCCS wants to get across. Maintaining good health and being educated on it, can help you in the future

“The message that I would like everyone to know is that everyone is affected by cancer. It is something that we most likely hear about every day. And there are so many ways of prevention. We just have to make sure that we are educated and doing the steps to keep ourselves healthy,” said Huse.