The Tiger Way

The Tiger Way is just what you would think it would be. Here at LHS we have a wide variety of students who are interested in some many different genres of activities and sports. They may just seem like your typical kid walking the halls but they all have a story. That’s what the Tiger Way is here to tell. To tell the missing pieces of the students at LHS and their full story that all of you may not know about them.

Alyssa Downs is a junior here at LHS and has lived in Lebanon since she was born. Her sisters and other members of her family also attended Lebanon High School. She plays soccer, tennis, and is a tiger tender for Lebanon.

            “I’m also part of the AVID family and loving being out on the Friday nights in the student section cheering on the team.”

With living in Lebanon her whole life she knows Lebanon like the back of her hand but, knows all the unique and fun places to be in Lebanon.

            “What I absolutely love about the whole Lebanon community is that they support this school much. With just a variety of different things, it doesn’t matter what it is.”

She may just be that typical student walking down the hallway but she sure does enjoy her time here and being involved in the school. She is part of so many things and that’s what keeps her up to date on things going on here.

            “I love that I can come to school to at least have one good laugh a day even when I’m not having the best of days.”


Brayton Duff is a sophomore here at LHS and has lived in the small town of Lebanon his whole life. He has lots of family in the area that have even attended Lebanon. Even though he isn’t involved in sports he does a lot around Lebanon.

“I love to go fishing around Lebanon and not just in the same spot. I go to all the ponds and get all the hot spots that I can find.”

Most people wouldn’t know that his family owns a farm and that’s where he spends most of his time. Brayton then told us about the reason why him and his family are still here.

“I think that I will always stay here because this is where my parents went and grew up and that’s what they want me to do and they want my kids to do and so on and so on. Its just a great place to grow up in and so I see no reason to leave this place.”

He knows how great of a school he goes to and he is proud of that so he wants to keep the tradition going and keep his family all in Lebanon.

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