What to do in Lebanon?

Lebanon, Indiana. I have lived here all my life. On the outside, it may look like a town full of nobody in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do, but looks can be deceiving. I have met so many wonderful people in Lebanon, and I can confidently say, none of them were “nobodies,” and this town is so obviously not in the middle of nowhere; we are right next to Indianapolis. But what about things to do? As long as I have lived in Lebanon, the biggest and most common complaint I have heard is that there is nothing to do. Recently, the city has been looking for companies that will give its citizens something to do – or more specifically, something for the city’s youth to do.

So what does the city’s youth – that’s us – want to do in Lebanon? We have long awaited a dine-in restaurant, but what about something to actually do? Activities like an arcade, a skating-rink, go-karting?

“(I want) something where everyone can go. Like not just solely for little kids, but teens and early 20’s as well. Almost like a Dave and Busters type of thing. Or a Sky Zone.” Said senior Carter Dial.

Dial seems to have the right idea. People of all ages could enjoy a Dave and Busters or a Sky Zone, both of which would bring in a lot of business.

Dial was not the only person with ideas for activities in Lebanon.

“I would like to see a traditional pool, like the one we had before they did the remodel. A skating rink would be exciting, and maybe a few new stores. Like some that you would see in a mall.” Said freshman Katy Ford.

Another LHS student had an opinion on what Lebanon should add in for its youth.

“It would be really cool if we had a public football or soccer field. And I personally would like to see a paintball or airsoft arena in town.” Said Austin Bright, a sophomore here at LHS.

In end, we all have opinions of what we want to see in Lebanon. The time has come when maybe we should not complain that there is nothing to do in Lebanon, but instead to ask what we want in Lebanon.

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