Freshmen Join the Team

Freshmen are notorious as being the equipment lacky for any sport team. They are the underdogs, but they can also be the top dogs. Freshmen will not stay as freshmen and soon they will replace their successors of the graduating seniors to then lead their team in the coming years. All they have to do is survive their freshmen season.

“Freshmen have to work the hardest to prove themselves because more often than not, the returning players have already made their impressions, may they be bad or good.” said Girl’s Soccer coach, Nick Hyatt.

They are the newbies but they have all the potential in the world to become the leaders. Freshmen learn responsibility when they are responsible for the team’s equipment. Freshmen have to climb the social ladder to no longer be looked at as “freshmen” and rather a player that can hold their own on the field, or the court, or the course.

As seniors play their last season in high school, freshmen are playing their first. Freshmen are learning the ropes of varsity sports, of earning your spot on your team, and competing with the pride of having “Lebanon” across your jersey. Freshmen are the new generation of our high school’s sports. They are our future, build them up, nurture them, and they will rise to the top when their time comes.

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