Reality of Senior Year

Every year there is always going to be mixed emotions about becoming a senior. Some seniors are ready to move on and for others, it is more difficult. From the perspective of younger siblings, it is terrifying to accept the fact that their older sibling is one step closer to the real world.

 “It is great being a senior because I have one more year and then I will be onto the college life, and finally get treated like an adult,” said Senior Trevor Boyne.

Along with one more year left, Boyne is also enjoying going out for lunch and getting the front row at football games.

It is also a more difficult year for some seniors to transition into the senior year. There is so many colleges to apply for and scholarships to go for, all while they are trying to maintain their grade.

Brendan Forester is stressed to the max because he is applying for scholarships and colleges.

“The hype is worth the wait though because we get more privileges in sports and in the clubs. People look up to you so you just feel cool,” said Forester.

There are also seniors who do not feel different. It is just like a normal school year; Seniors do not think it is real that they are in their last year of school.

“That this year nothing really feels different yet. She has noticed though that the teachers are a little more lenient,” said senior Casey Schafer.

The hype was not a big deal for her, but she is really loving that they get to go out for lunch.

Senior year needs to be cherished. It is about time for real world and adulthood. While this is your last year, just make sure your having fun and not stressing about what is next just yet.

“I am really trying to cherish every second of senior year, I want to make the best of it,” said Senior Kristen Basey.

She also added that the underclassmen should really appreciate every moment and not take high school for granted.

The last year always tends to go by the fastest and you never really know. There are many great perks about being the “top dog” of the school.

“Just being the oldest in the school really just makes me feel that I have so many people that look up to us, that we are their role models. That’s probably one of the best things I’ve noticed so far. I really do enjoy getting front row at student sections and being able to go out for lunch,” said Basey.

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