Siblings Leaving Home

As the school year rolls back around the high school kids going back to school and the recently graduated kids starting that new chapter of their life in college. Parents will let their kids go off to school and it will bring a lot of change and the family members that tend struggle the most with them leaving is their siblings.

With an older sibling leaving the house the whole dynamic of the house changes and you may not want to admit it but, you will miss them. It is that change that you will start to notice and miss.

Sophomore Sam Malagon said, “Moving my sister to college was definitely much harder than I thought. Doing life without her back at home will take a lot of time to get used to.”

Siblings who do not have that big age gap always seem to be a lot closer than those with a bigger age gap, especially if they experience high school together.

Senior Lauren Hudson said, “My brother and I were very close so it was extremely hard for him to leave. With him not being around the house and me being an only child it is extremely quiet around the house.”

With the situation that Hudson is in, she has become the only child in her house and that is a huge adjustment. There are many situations that the younger siblings are going to experience when the older siblings

As much as the siblings in college miss each other, the sibling still in high school can learn from their now college brother or sister and hope the best for them and their future. Siblings leaving can be hard but it’s just another step in your life

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