Trike race practicing tradition

The annual trike race is a homecoming tradition that’s not exactly new to everyone. The freshmen have heard multiple facts about the race along with all other classes who have been at the high school. The trike races have been going on for 26 years and are still making people laugh every year.

“In Mr. Mick’s homeroom it’s kind of nice because we have won for the past couple years. We have had bragging rights even though I did not compete in it. We have had really good trike riders to help us win,” said junior Josi Greene.

Greene enjoys the trike races the most during homecoming week because you get to get out of class and the race is held outside on the football field. Mr. Mick’s homeroom is very excited every year for this event, and their team name this year is “The Oly-Micks.” They like to be very prepared for the races, so on closed labs leading up to the race the riders will practice in the hallway racing.

“This year Mr. Smock’s homeroom is not competing in the trike race because we didn’t have a trike and I’m super angry about it,” said senior Will Byrd.

Mr. Smock’s lab has participated in the trike races in years past, but this year their time racing is taking a break. Even though some homerooms have decided not to race this year, they still participate in the whole event and come up with interesting names. Mr. Smock’s homeroom is “Smock Lives Matter.”

“I’m really excited to see how this turns out since it’s my freshman year and I’ve never done this before,” said freshman Lucy Tubbs.

All freshmen are new to the trike race tradition, but they know the excitement it comes with. Tubbs is an alternate for the race and is hoping to actually get to be a rider her first year. Her homeroom is Jenkins and their name is “King of the Track el Triko Jr.”

“Being a freshman is kind of intimidating because I’ve never done anything like the trike races before, but it will be fun to see what it’s all about,” said freshman Easton Williamson.

Williamson comes from Mrs. Davis’s homeroom and their trike name is “Triking Through the Six with my Woes.”

The trike race tradition is a fun competition the week of homecoming to kick off the week. All grades can participate as riders, and everyone has fun in the bleachers while watching the race.

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