Non-traditional Fashion Trends for the Fall Season

Fall is rearing around the corner, for many it will be flannels, scarves, and boots- but what about a different route? How about a lace harness, a cape, or choppy micro bangs? These trends will soon be showing their faces and be strikingly seen throughout the fall.

Already trending are harnesses- no, not one that holds you up when your suspended mid-air, but to go a top shirt, jackets and dresses of your choice. Both men and women have begun to do this. These come in an array of patterns, materials, and styles. The harnesses are also paired with shorts, skirts, and old worn jean jackets. The harnesses even come built into shirts.

For men there’s a new take on breathable wear with an old school spin. Kilts- yes, kilts are making a comeback from traditional garb to an everyday look.  These kilts are generally a two piece; an elongated and elegant split coat tail that meld into the kilt- or in the style of ‘hammer pants’ where it is connected to the legs of the pants, and paired with an oversized, lengthy shirt and hoodie. They come in multiple patterns but a very popular material at the moment to use is leather and sweat shirt material.

In women’s hair fashion there is a style called micro bangs. This is where the bangs are cut in a straight-across style, the reason for their name? They only come down about an inch or two from the top of your forehead. They are general cut in a very choppy and or blunt fashion and complimented with thick eye brows. For men the hairstyle for those who want to step outside of the box is to grow out the hair- generally past the ears, and then to take the sides of the head and shave them very closely. They also will incorporate designs into the buzzed part of their hair, it could be called a Mohawk- but many have dubbed it; “The Death Hawk” and it looks fantastic with large woolen scarves, untamed beards, and worn-oversized jean jackets.

With the weather already chilling and tress turning colors, it would seem these styles will be making a visit to the fashion industries soon. What will you be wearing this autumn? If you’re feeling a little daring, then look into these styles and fashion statements and get ready to turn some heads!


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