LHS Traditions: Student Parking Spots

Painting the parking spots for the juniors and seniors are always the best way to get back in action for school. This is the time people really get to go out and show off their skills with such creative minds. Students make some awesome memories while painting their spots.

Junior Madison Scott, went out of the box with the detailing on her Disney themed parking spot. She really enjoyed the fact that she got to go out and do this with her family and had some great help. “I chose Disney themed because I like magical things and Disney is my favorite. The moon in the upper left with Peter Pan in the middle is my favorite part about my spot,” Scott said.

Students really like to show their faith and beliefs as well, there are always many different ways that students show it.

Senior Trevor Boyne, painted his spot as the cover of the Holy Bible.

“I always represent my faith. Working on it with my girlfriend and family was really enjoyable as well,” Boyne said.

Parking spots sometimes really show personality and interest as well. A lot of the students try and do a spot that no one else would do. Some also just make their parents do it because they are “just better.”

Junior Dalton Reynolds, made his mom paint his Hawaiian Shirt parking spot.

“Since she did paint it, I had to go out and get the paint myself,” Reynolds said. He was just happy that his mom did it for him and that he was not the one putting in the effort.

Reynolds said, “My Hawaiian shirts are my favorite and worn every day because they are just colorful and awesome.”

Another spot that is shown by their likes is Junior Victoria Bennett’s. Bennett enjoys the Dreamworks movies. She wanted to be creative with it and do something that no one else would do. Instead of having the Dreamworks title she has Tori.

“I enjoyed seeing the finished spot and also that I got to spend some great quality time with friends and family,” she said.

There are always collaborated parking spots that end up like no one else’s. It is always neat to see the best friends that go out and paint theirs together.

Seniors Brooke Montgomery and Kassidi Cadle did a collaborated spot together. They did matching ice cream cones together that say “Ice Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Twenty Seventeen!” Montgomery ended up picking this idea because it was something different. Cadle and Montgomery enjoyed working together on their spots and doing something creative. Montgomery said, “I really actually loved to paint the sprinkles on the cone.”

The staff and other people from the town always come out and look at the spots the students paint. Students enjoy this tradition that our high school does. This activity really is what kicks off the new school year for us students.

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