Students Experience Internships

This year at Lebanon High School, students were given the opportunity to experience an internship among a field of study that they are interested in. Students had to be approved to be in the program and eligibility must be withheld throughout the entire term. Students must maintain their academics throughout it, meaning no Fs are allowed in the program. Lebanon Senior, Katlyn Coddington is one of the students who has an internship for two blocks out of her Black day schedule.

“I work for Mandy Saucerman at the Boone County REMC. I assist her in the Communications and Marketing Department,” said Coddington.

Students have the opportunity to work in a real world place of business to help prepare them for the workplace or college. This gives students work experience and people skills training for future endeavors.

“It is preparing me for the real world because I’m getting the chance to actually work with other people and experience what this type of job is like and help me decide if I actually want to pursue this line of work,” said Coddington.

The program is intended to help students narrow down their horizons and experience their potential career paths. It also helps students experience the workplace before college to potentially save thousands or confirm their want to proceed into college through that field of work.

“This program has shown me that going to this field is definitely what I want to do. But it also has helped me decide to minor in marketing instead of business,” said Coddington.

Internships nowadays are a core part of a college curriculum; some even make it a graduation requirement to complete an internship. LHS has integrated internships within our school to help students get a step ahead of others. This program helps students find their passions or dwindle down their decisions.

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