Students show excitement through Pep session

Every year, the hype surrounding homecoming grows as we count down the days until the Friday night game. The excitement of homecoming week all leads up to this moment: the fanatic pep session we hold at 2:00 P.M. on Friday afternoon. Throughout the school, Tiger Pride runs deep in our students as we cheer on the football team with the goal of winning the holy spirit stick for our class.

Freshmen, Cameron Toole and Madison Maher, will be experiencing their first high school pep session today.img_1907

“I am looking forward to getting out of class to have fun most of all,” said Toole.

“I love that as a class we have the chance to win a spirit stick for our grade. Our class is loud in general so it won’t be a challenge for us to get louder than the other grades,” said Maher.img_1912

Although the freshmen class has never in the history of the pep session won the spirit stick, both Toole and Maher have full confidence they will be the first freshmen class to do it.

On the other hand, sophomores Cam Johnson and Abi Wirey were a little less confident about their class’s chance when it came to winning the spirit stick this coming pep session.

“I look forward to trying to get the spirit stick, but my bet is on the juniors to win it this year,” said Johnson.

“I can’t wait to get out of class to have fun with my friends. There isn’t really anything I can do though to get our class to win because I already believe the seniors will win the spirit stick and our class knows it,” said Wirey.img_1911


Juniors Bobby Mills and Josi Greene were much more self-assured when it came to talking about their classes’ chance when it comes to winning the spirit stick.

“I look forward to slaying the other grades. I will be doing whatever it takes to win. Literally, whatever it takes,” said Mills.img_1913

“I look forward to getting out of class to yell and have fun with my friends in the student section. The girls in my class will be much more participative and I think it will help our chances,” said Greene.

When asked on who would win the spirit stick, Mills replied, “Although the seniors always win according to the teachers, we all know in our hearts the juniors have won.”

Coming into their fourth pep session, the seniors are extremely confident about their chances to win the spirit stick this year. Both Carson Riddle and Charli Greene talked about the feelings they are experiencing going into today’s pep session.

“I look forward to finally winning the spirit stick we should have won the past two years. We will be bringing all the head sticks we have and dressed in our #RollTigers gear. We will destroy everyone in our path,” said Riddle.img_1909

“I am excited to finally be in the student section since I’m not cheering this year. I will be yelling at everyone else to get louder,” said Greene.img_1910

When asked which class would win the spirit stick this year, Riddle replied, “Is that even a question? Seniors all the way.”

Despite the competitiveness between all the grades for this year’s pep session, none of this will matter unless the football team can bring home the win tonight!

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