Staff Editorial: The Courts

To our fellow classmates at Lebanon High School,

High school consists of some of the greatest years of your life. There are many events and memories that fellow classmates will remember you by. Some commemorations from students include: competing in athletics, achieving academic success, or winning prom king/queen.

It is no surprise that obvious popular students, such as, superstar athletes or the top 20 students always seem to make the nomination for Frost Fest, Prom, and Homecoming court. The students receiving nomination, no matter by corresponding peers or teachers at the high school, are consistently the same choices, year after year.

At times, a court receives a new face which is surprising because typically, the same people are in it annually. For Frost Fest, as well as homecoming court, students nominate those on the ballot. Prom court on the other hand, is nominated by the teachers. Many times, teachers as well as students, pick similar, if not the same, court to be nominated even though the students chosen have already been nominated to represent a previous court.

We are not placing blame on teachers, considering many teachers keep students informed to “vote for people who best represent the class/school,” students do not do anything to break the habit of nominating the same familiar faces.

For those who have an opinion about the topic do not typically share their opinion, thus going unheard. Although some students are not bitter about this certain issue, we, along with many classmates, agree that something needs to be done so that the stereotypical Brainiac and jock are not selected to embody a court more than once. An option that is available is for the administration to keep track of who has been on court previously, and even if students choose those reoccurring faces, resort to the next students that the specific class voted for.

In conclusion, we are not stating that we wish that the same people make reoccurring appearances, but rather we want the courts to present an opportunity for those students who are normally ignored due to their “popularity rating.” The population at LHS is open to a variety of amazing students and we simply wish for the voices of all students to be heard.



The Lebanon High School Pennant Staff

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