Student Section Hype

The students love to have a competition with other grades, the parents, and the opposing team’s student section. It seems like every year; all the grades get louder. The chanting is what gets most of the student section pumped up. If a few people are not chanting sometimes it just drains others spirit. The spirit will go down and then the student section will not be fun anymore.

Sophomore Kirstin Byrd loves the chanting and all the fun at the student sections.

 “One thing that I would love to change about the section is that the cheerleaders would do more of the chants so it can make us louder. Participating in all of the chants makes the section look better,” Byrd said.

She enjoys going to the games because she loves school spirit and to see all her friends.

Students that participate in the student section love to see the hype that the section has. Most of the freshman do not know that the upperclassmen can be that rowdy, so they are not as prepared as they though.

  “It is cool to go to the games to see all of the hype that our high school has for all of our teams,” said freshman Thomas Parks.  He enjoys going to the games because it is just something fun to do and “ROLL TIGERS.”

Competing against the other schools, student section is the student’s favorite. Also, the upperclassmen always want the underclassmen to be louder and more engaged.  We are intimidating to some other schools because they do not expect it.

“It is awesome to be apart of the section and to show other schools that we are have a lot more spirit than what they think,” senior Corbin Couger.

Now the rowdiness just does not come from only the cheerleaders or just the section. Students love that the band and Tigerettes are there for our home games because it gives us more energy.

Junior Hannah Wirey really wants all of us students to work on sectioning off better. She wants us to get more, improved chants as well.

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