Students Interning in Health Programs

At Lebanon High School we have a variety of different programs that can give you opportunities to further your education or your career to help you after high school. It can give you the closure of whether you want to go into a profession or not so that you do not have to switch your major in college. The health careers program starts out as an introductory class that teaches you basic medical applications and first aid and if you are chosen to move on you learn medical terms and go through a rotation of medical sites that gives you the shadowing experience. After that second year you have to interview and apply for an internship of your choosing. There are 15 kids in this internship program at all different sites.

 “I believe this will help my career because I want to be a surgeon so seeing the types of wounds that I will see in the future, now, will help with knowledge as well as tolerance,” said senior Makayla Huffer.

Huffer is placed in the Wound Center at Witham Hospital where she learns about different cases every day and how to get herself prepared for the medical field.

As mentioned before, in the second year of the health careers class you go through a rotation of sites to find out what you are interested in. For senior Clayton Barber, this rotation brought him to the discovering that he wanted to do.

“This is going to help me choose between the two fields that I am stuck between,” said Barber.

The health careers program is a program to jumpstart for the kids interested in the medical field. Putting kids ahead of the program can lead them to a better future and truly reach their goal of joining the medical field.

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