Students Share How to Get Involved at LHS

Schools in session- and has been for a while. With the opening of the school doors comes the opening of clubs, activities, and sports groups for students to grasp at and become members of. Some may be asking, “Why should I get involved? What good will it do for me? Is it really worth the hectic schedule?”

Senior Brendan Forester

“My freshman year I decided to do a little bit of everything,” said Senior Brendan Forester, “I’m a big fan of not being bored and keeping busy.” Forester is not only involved in cheerleading, but also Best Buddies, FFA, the school’s drama program, and even more. Forester also gave advice for the younger students in LHS on the fence about being involved in our school, “Try everything you possibly can and get out of your comfort zone- I mean, why not do it? You’ll regret it if you don’t.”

So what’s stopping you? Having trouble with finding a ride to activities?  Scared to step out of your comfort zone? Not sure where to begin? Ask around! There’s tons of clubs and events your peers would be happy to get you involved in. Sophomore Grace Purtlebaugh also gave her input, “I’ve just always been an over achiever- I love being busy, it makes me more prepared for the future and helps with getting into college.” Her advice for the new students?

“Just do it. Life is too short and school is too short. I guarantee once you find something you love you’ll flourish in it- do not make excuses- especially that you are not good enough to do something,” Purtlebaugh said.

Getting involved in school will not only get you comfortable with taking risks- but also with making friends and getting as much out of your four years here.  To look back on your high school career and see all the achievements you earned through all the clubs and events you were in- that’s what makes the LHS experience. That is what you and other’s will remember. So go out there and take risks, get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself and remember, there are so many clubs that there is bound to be something that fits your personality. Just ask any teacher or upperclassmen and get started with your involvement as an LHS tiger!

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