Jen Todderud changes jobs

Some upperclassmen at LHS can remember when Mrs. Todderud was a full time teacher at the high school. Todderud previously taught English at the high school for 6 years and, as of this year, Todderud has come into different duties in the school corporation. Along with teaching two Avid classes at the high school, Mrs. Todderud is also the new Public Affairs and Communications Coordinator for the entire Lebanon Community School Corporation. When asked about how she is liking it so far she said:“I LOVE it. It’s a unique combination of things I love to do—write, design, read, learn, collaborate, create—and every day is different. While I miss teaching English (seriously! If you ever want to chat with me about Gatsby or To Kill a Mockingbird or what you’re currently reading or watching, tweet me @jentodd!), this has been a really good change for me.” Feel free to tweet at Mrs. Todderud whenever you have questions or just want to talk about a piece of literature because, chances are, she knows what she is talking about.

For those of you wondering where the new #LCSCstory came from, it was actually developed by Mrs. Todderud. When asked about how her brilliant idea came to be, Todderud said:

“Actually, it came from a post a former student made on Facebook last year. He had graduated and gone to college, but he took a moment to talk about what he valued and appreciated about LHS. I realized that we may all be in different places, but we are all part of the LCSC story. I wanted to celebrate that.”

It is very encouraging to know that, even after you have completed your time in school, your teachers and administration still care enough to check up on you.

Mrs. Todderud’s new job as Public Affairs and Communications Coordinator is much different than it was as an English teacher. Her new duties include things such as managing communications for the school district, getting surveys to determine how effective our administration is communicating with parents, teachers, students, etc. Todderud is developing big plans for the Lebanon School Corporation including a regular blog, a video series showcasing interesting things happening in the corporation, and a website update. Mrs. Todderud encourages students to share what they are doing with the corporation whenever they can. You can find the corporation on twitter @Lebanon_Schools as well as on Instagram @lebanonschools. You can also #LCSCstory on your pictures or post’s to share your story with everyone.

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