The Fifties Festival takes place in Lebanon

Back to the Fifties Festival is an event in our community where we practically have a giant Throwback Thursday…except it is more like a throwback weekend- and so much cooler! For any who do not know what it is it is the community’s way of tipping their hat to a great era of bright fashion, fantastic cars, and an upbeat attitude- not to mention plenty of great music to jump and jive too!

Lebanon High School’s own show choir also known as Charisma took the stage to perform a spectacle to the crowd in hopes of showing them what LHS’ musical arts program really can do. The song order began with a 20’s swing known as, “Varsity Drag.” followed by the jazzy ballad, “That’s All Afterwards three soloists came forward to perform tidbits of their character’s solos for this year’s musical, “Bye Bye Birdie.” By Michael Stewart. Then the group ended their performance by singing and dancing to the songs “Hand Jive” and “Love Runs Out”.

Sophomore Jacob Tribby a member of Charisma gave his opinion on this year’s performance.

“I would rate our performance a 7 out of 10, it was a tight space to dance in- which made it hard to dance to our full potential, it we had been able to give it out all it would’ve been much better,” said Tribby.

Afterwards the adult community choir performed as well as an Elvis impersonator and some amazing bands as well.

While all this was happening the courthouse was holding an art competition for young artists.

“This year’s theme was all things fifties, but I did what I wanted. You can get forms for it[the competition] every year from Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Beeson. They encourage everybody to,” said Junior Brittney Beaver.

Koda Meyers also entered art work in as well. The fifties festival also held a competition for all those gorgeous retro cars the lined the streets of the square, awards were given out for those who had the most authentic, restored, and upstanding the vehicle looked. This included cars from all years and models; the cars were grouped based on the year they were made and what brand- motorcycles also were included in this competition.

For others this was also a great way to be involved in the community and see a different part of Lebanon. Whenever the community gathers for an event or tradition as such it shows just how much Lebanon’s citizens have pride over what the community and them have accomplished over the years.

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