Math wizard returns to LHS

Bryan Passwater, a mathematics teacher here at Lebanon High School, has not been present for a while, but everyone seems to know who he is. The past few years he has been active writing SAT questions for The College Board, a non-profit organization that connects students to college success, and traveling for the University of Notre Dame in order to connect with educators from around the country.

“I left the high school because Notre Dame gave me an incredible opportunity to make a large impact on how math is taught to students around the country,” said Passwater, “Although I’m back teaching in the classroom I still travel to different states to instruct math workshops for teachers.”

Along with his journey across the country he also accepted an offer from The College Board to write SAT questions regarding mathematics.

“Writing questions for The College Board gave me a better understanding of what the SAT test expects from students,” said Passwater, “Now that I’m not constructing questions for The College Board, I offer SAT preparation classes to high school students to better prepare them for the test.”

Along with holding SAT prep sessions, Passwater also grades AP calculus exams. This made it easier for him to see what negative tendencies students have and how to fix them so that he can equip his students for success.

We welcome Mr. Passwater back to Lebanon High School and acknowledge that he left in order to enhance a bigger picture; Instead of teaching the same students every day at LHS, Passwater took the opportunity to help teachers better prepare their students for success.

“I enjoy knowing that I have helped millions of students across the country by holding workshops for teachers,” said Passwater.


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