LHS students share childhood dreams

Being a little kid, people have many different ambitions and dreams that they want to achieve. They come up with these wild dreams from movies, cartoons, stories, and other creative ways. When you are little, kids feel like they can do anything and be anything they want, but while growing up some students decided to change their dreams.

“Being an astronaut was w

Sophomore Kieran Guyman


hat I looked forward to so I could walk on the moon was one of my biggest dreams. Even though being an astronaut would be awesome, I do not think I will reach that dream. Now I am thinking about being a clothing designer, maybe even being a model. I am just always in an awesome mood and even good looking for a model,” said junior Bobby Mills.

Some kids go out of the box when they are little and end up sticking with that dream or maybe just in the same field.

“When I was little I had in mind that I wanted to be a fashion designer because I was a girly girl, I loved to shop and it would be such a fun job. I realized that I liked to put clothes


together more than I liked to design them because I cannot draw. I changed it up a little, but staying in the fashion industry. I want to be a fashion merchandiser,” said sophomore Kieran Guyman.

Not all dreams that some students have are not just for their jobs. They wanted to achieve their dream in school.
“Growing up my father and I have been a die-hard Notre Dame fan. Since my favorite sport is football I wanted to become a Notre Dame football player, but since they just got beat by Texas, I now want to go to Texas so I can play football there,” said senior Patrick Tubbs.

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