News on LHS Clubs

A Glimpse into the Life of Business

By: Rylee Miller

Let’s get down to business. Actually, there is a way for you to do just that. DECA, a national business organization brought to LHS by Mr. Jason Joris and Mr. Gregory Hudspeth, is an involving organization for business-lovers and social butterflies alike.

“I like seeing the kids take control and ownership and expand their leadership skills,” said Joris.

Sophomore Dominick Seppel, vice president of chapter development for DECA, is in it for the experience and social aspect, along with his interest in the business world. As vice president of chapter development, Seppel takes votes and sponsors local businesses. Seppel joined DECA sophomore year after he missed the callout last year. For Seppel, DECA is teaching him many life lessons, like checking his email regularly, and how to take effective notes.

“My favorite part of DECA is the experience and friendships I make,” said Seppel.

Senior Lidaou Edjeau, vice president of finance for DECA, joined junior year after she realized she was interested in the business field. Her favorite part of DECA is the competitions that take place, which are similar to FFA competition, and the raffle ticket drawing where the proceeds go to Riley Children’s Hospital. As vice president of finance, Edjeau attends leadership meetings, keeps track of money, and finds new ways to bring in money.

“Since freshman year I knew I wanted to do business stuff, but I did not know what yet and I thought DECA would be a great club to get involved in,” said Edjeau.

DECA has been at LHS for three years after Joris and Hudspeth brought the club to LHS. Joris sponsors DECA because it is a great tie to his business classes and it helps the kids get more experience in the business field. DECA does event planning, Mr. LHS competitions, and competes with around 600 others focused on business role play. If you have an interest in business, Joris encourages you to join. One of the upcoming DECA activities is the November spirit week. Joris likes to describe joining the club as “jumping into the pool of cool.”

“I encourage everyone to learn more about DECA even if you are not interested in the business world because there is a lot of great things about it and it looks great on college applications,” said Edjeau.


Key Club

By: Tommy Wagner

You may ask, “What is Key Club?” Key club is a community service organization here at Lebanon High School; The club works on projects in the community.

“We are trying to find ways to help the community and make it better so everyone feels happy and content with their lives.” said junior Garrett Rowe.

Garrett Rowe is the Vice President of Key Club. His responsibilities as Vice President are to run meetings when the president cannot be there, answer questions for people, support other officers, help the officers get stuff done, and get to events when the president cannot make it. Key Club has given Garrett something to be drawn into. He finds himself constantly helping out, receiving a feeling like he is giving back to the community. One event that Key Club is hosting is the Dinner in the Dark. It will be hosted in the Lebanon community rooms to raise money to support blind children; the event consists of serving a dinner in the dark to simulate blindness.

“It is nice knowing you’re helping someone out.” said freshman Nick Nies.

Nick Nies was originally interested in the club when he heard that mentioning Key Club look good on a college application. When asked what made Key Club fun, Alyssa Forester said that you got to interact with other people and help them. Another event that Key Club does that was talked about by Nick Nies was the rake and run which is raking somebody’s yard for free and leaving.

Key club has been helping here at Lebanon High School. Not only is it something good to put on a résumé, but if you want to obtain a feeling of euphoria from helping or want to achieve something bigger than yourself. If you want to achieve any of these things, Key club is beneficial for you. If you are interested in Key club, contact Mr. Gould.

“That is the great thing about this organization, there are just so many projects that I am always helping out in the community, and I feel like I am giving back for what the community has done for me.” said junior Garrett Rowe.


Are you S.A.D.D.?

By: Sara Hammerle

Most people think the word sad is about sorrowful feelings, but this type of S.A.D.D. is the exact opposite! The organization S.A.D.D. stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions and helps inform students about different situations that can be prevented through solid and correct decisions.

Courtney Livesay, a language teacher at Lebanon High School, is the teacher advisor for their high school’s S.A.D.D. Livesay has helped with this program since it was once called Tiger-X. Tiger-X was brought up by students seeing some issues throughout the school, and now has grown to a nationally supported organization. Livesay welcomes anyone and everyone to join S.A.D.D. because it has a strong concept.

“It is a concept I have always been behind,” said Livesay.

The president of S.A.D.D., Tori Harker, hasn’t been with S.A.D.D. as much as she’d like, but loves the idea behind the organization from the moment she stepped in. When asked about what S.A.D.D. means to her, Tori states, “It’s a group of people that can come together.” Tori’s duty as president is coming up with new topic of destructive decisions to show the student body and help them be more aware of these decisions and signs.

Each month S.A.D.D. focuses on a different destructive decision. October’s decision is about signs of domestic violence. Harker wants to work on putting cards in the bathrooms to help students learn about these destructive decisions, putting posters around the school, and even getting a slide on the T.V.’s around the school! She also is trying to put word about having the student body wear purple, the color for domestic violence, for a day during October. Teaching students about the various signs of domestic violence is the key.

            “It is really important for people to known about those signs,” Tori states.

One of the unique things about S.A.D.D. is that their focus is not just helping one group of people, S.A.D.D. is trying to help all various types of students. Learning about these different types of destructive decisions will help not a group of students but possibility the entire student body. S.A.D.D. is an organization that is passionate about everything they are behind.

            When asked why Livesay would even think to sponsor S.A.D.D., she states, “It was something I saw that was passionate.”


Young Community Members Give Back

By: Elizabeth Mars

Key Club is a high school extension of the community-service organization Kiwanis. There are middle school and collegiate levels as well. Adults and high-schoolers from the community try to create new projects for the high school students that help the community.

“We are trying to find ways to help the community and make it better so everyone feels happy and content with their lives,” said Garrett Rowe, junior.

Garrett Rowe is the current vice president. The vice president has many duties. One task is running the meetings when the president cannot. Another is answering other people’s questions and helping them to be aware of what is happening within Key Club. Another key aspect is helping the other officers if they need tasks done.

“You get to interact with a lot of other people and you get to help them out,” said Alyssa Forester, member.

Alyssa loved helping out at the Shalom House and seeing the impact she can make in the community. She loves being able to interact with and meet other people while also making an impact in the community.

“It is nice knowing you are helping someone” said Nick Nies, freshman.

Nick joined Key Club for personal benefits, but has stayed involved because he really enjoys it. He is looking forward to this month’s activities.

“For me I have just always wanted to wanted to help people and just try to make their day,” said Rowe

There are multiple events coming up in Key Club. One is trick or treating for change to raise money to cure maternal and neonatal tetanus. Another activity that is coming up is called the “Rake and Run” where members rake community member’s yards then leave. The goal is to clean up the community and do something nice to help people out.

An interesting event coming up, called the “Dinner in the Dark” raises money for childhood blindness. The room is completely black while meals are served to participants to simulate blindness. There are so many ways to get involved in Key Club, including meetings every second and fourth Tuesday during homeroom, so be sure to attend because they accept everyone!

That is the great thing about this organization, there are just so many projects that I am always helping out in the the community, and I feel like I am giving back for what the community has done for me.” said Rowe.

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