Social Media; What to Post and Where

Social media influences students every day. Some of the most important memories and events are recorded on these apps and spread so that the world can see. Social media includes apps such as, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, which offer people everywhere a chance to communicate throughout the world. Things that are put on these apps are permanent and effect decisions and choices throughout a person’s life. Most of these apps have a precise reasons as to why students use them differently. Facebook is known for posting pictures and statuses where people expect feedback from what they are posting. Snapchat is an app where individuals have a conversation throughout pictures. The pictures are only 10 seconds long, then disappears, but not forever.

Twitter is an app that society uses to post what they feel like for that day. People usually post a thought or a song lyric as well as a picture, which is called a “tweet.” Instagram, on the other hand, is strictly for posting pictures. This app, as well as Facebook, is based on how many “likes or comments” you get on each picture. When using these two apps, there are things that people should and should not do. For Twitter, it is common to post quick thoughts or song lyrics as tweets. A lot of people consider twitter the “battlefield” where people can single another person/or group of people out.

“Twitter is definitely used to ‘subtweet’ people and get into fights. Instagram is not really used for anything verbal,” said junior Lexie Rutan.

When on Instagram, on the other hand, it is common for society to post pictures of friends, family, objects, or the common “selfie.”

While posting on these two specific social media apps, these guidelines should be followed. Twitter is not used to post pictures, and Instagram is not used to post words/song lyrics.

When differentiating between Twitter and Instagram, Instagram is more probable to be used in place of Twitter. According to, there are four hundred million active users on Instagram monthly and only three hundred sixteen million active users monthly compared to Twitter. As Instagram is growing on the popularity scale, Twitter is lacking admiration.


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